— Natalie Martinez


The Dale House is about to hit the market and I finally got over my stage fright and decided to make a video. When I worked in real estate marketing last year I made videos like this for our clients and brokerage, but I was never the star of the show. I was the woman behind the camera or crafting the story.

This house is almost finished, so it’s the perfect time to show you how it’s shaping up. As a comparison, this is a photo of what it looked like two weeks ago before it was painted.

The original house was taken down to the studs, with only the exterior walls remaining.  You can see from this picture here that the brick from the home was painted a yellow color. Instead of painting over it again, the builder decided to repurpose and sandblast it to bring the brick back to it’s original color.  You’ll be able to see that in the video.

This home is 5BR/4BA in the Peachtree Park neighborhood in Buckhead. The location is amazing. Before this project, I didn’t even know where Peachtree Park was. This part of Buckhead is an absolute gem.  It’s a quiet residential neighborhood tucked a few blocks away from Piedmont Rd. The heart of Buckhead is less than five minutes away, yet you feel far away from the city because the property is situated on a deep, wooded lot and high on a hill.  You catch glimpses of trees from every window. If you were to venture to the back of the property, it’s a deep, uncleared lot. It feels like you’re far from Atlanta in the woods somewhere. (I took video coverage of that, but decided to edit it out because I thought maybe it was just me who would appreciate that!)

The listing price hasn’t been determined yet but it will probably land somewhere around $1,250,000.

Enjoy my first video! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section and I’ll address them here or include additional information in my next video next week.

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I had the pleasure of working with Cameo Salon last month. The owners approached me about helping them with architectural and engineering documents the City of Atlanta required from them before opening their doors.  My design services were the nuts and bolts of architectural services like life safety, accessibility and coordinating the survey and engineers.



I wish I could get some credit for the interior design, but I can’t. The owners, Dorothy and Jennifer,  have a great sense of color and style for interior furnishings and art. What a lovely space, right?


Love the metal letter C.


Love this yellow!


This print above the drying stations is one of my favorites in the salon.

If you’re in the Inman Park neighborhood, swing by 26 Waddell St, Atlanta 30307 and schedule an appointment.  Can’t get enough Cameo Salon love? You can follow Cameo on Instagram and see photos from construction, more pretty interior pics, and their happy clients with the latest cuts.

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“Oh, my God, are you okay? Did you cut yourself?” I asked.

“Yea, earlier today I cut my hand.”

“No, your face. You’ve got red across across your face. Is that blood?” and then I realized it’s probably rusty or clay-colored water that sprayed on him after cutting the old galvanized pipes in my crawl space.

Today I was one of “those” customers. We had a misunderstanding about the scope of work. I thought his estimate included removing all the old pipes that were original to the house. That’s not what he thought.

We were standing in the crawl space at the end of the day when everyone else in the city is heading home from work and I had to draw a line. The old metal pipes had to come out. He gave me a look like why are you bringing this up now? I packed my tools. I want to get the hell out of here.  I was straddling a line where he might just tell me I was wrong and out of luck. I went back upstairs and waited. A few minutes later the house was vibrating from a saw cutting through pipes.

So, this is my story about Tim from Frazier Plumbing.  Tim is one of the reasons why we’ve called Frazier Plumbing over the years for various problems.  Not because we don’t try to fix it ourselves, but sometimes what we did just didn’t work or oops, we put the seal on backwards and that’s why the pipe is still dripping or there is just a special touch a plumber has to adjust the flap and lever to keep the toilet from running. Seriously, we tried.

After two days worth of work, including working into the evening yesterday and a few hiccups and trips back the the plumbing supply store, Tim was standing at my door ready to collect payment. For a minute there, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but Tim is always professional, even on a day like today.

This is what he looked like when he said, “We got all of your old pipes out. I think we’re done now.”


This photo is part of a new series on my website that highlights the work of men and women in the building industry.  See additional posts about Portraits. Click through and leave a comment.






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Photos like this aren’t exactly planned, but are probably meant to be taken.

Today I went to the Dale House to check on the construction progress. Drywall compound was being sanded throughout the inside and puffs of white were billowing out of the windows. Sanders were humming along. I talked with the Superintendent and said that walking around the house would be good for today and that I would come back next week to check out the interior spaces. After we walked the site, I got back in my car and sat there. I could have just driven away, but I didn’t. I just sat there feeling like I was supposed to be doing something else while I was here, but didn’t know exactly what.

I remembered that my big camera was in the trunk.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I like to walk through my projects alone.  That’s what I decided to do.  I got out of the car even though there was no real reason to go back. I had already taken photos with my phone. So, I walked around the house and decided to go into the garage.

This guy was in the garage sanding the walls.

This is not staged and wasn’t meticulously fussed over. It’s the only photo I captured and I love it.

You know I have a place in my heart for those who choose to work with their hands and help make ideas and drawings become visible, tangible places in the world. It takes all of us to realize an idea. We bring our own story to the jobsite everyday. Sometimes it’s easier to read on some people, like the scars on our arms getting dusted with gypsum, or the people we build next to who don’t speak our language.

These places we call home have been built by many hands and regardless of who buys the home and if it means anything to them, I love what I do because all of these lives converge and make something great in just a few months time.


We design and construct million dollar houses and the people who build them are invisible to most people.   See additional posts about Portraits. Click through and leave a comment.

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I’m back from my vacation in Charleston, South Carolina.  I got out the ole’ camera manual and learned some new settings for my Canon Rebel.  If you want to see more images, you can check out my feed on Instagram. I didn’t get as many pictures of buildings as I wanted. We were renting a place on the marsh near Folly Beach so most days were spent riding our bikes and checking out the beaches on Edisto and Morris Islands. I’ve decided that a trip back to Charleston just for a photography walking tour or a painting class would be great for next time. Enjoy!

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